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Open 7 Days A Week


Same Day Emergency Dental Appointments Available
Emergency Helpline: 01785 252514 /
 07910 394043 (Answered 24/7)



Evenings, Weekend and Home Visits Available
Same Day Appointments Available

Dental Practice of the Year 2021 - Staffordshire

Same Day Emergency Dental Appointments Available
Emergency Helpline: 01785 252514 /
 07910 394043 (Answered 24/7)

Evening, Weekend and Home Visits Available
Same Day Appointments Available

Children’s Orthodontics in Stafford, Stone, Stoke and Wolverhampton

At Church Lane Dental, we provide best-in-class orthodontic treatment for Children, which avoids Long NHS Waiting Lists.

All of our Orthodontists are Master’s Qualified, so rest assured your child will receive the Highest and Best Standard of Dental Care.

We are happy to accept children patients from Stafford, Stone, Stoke and Wolverhampton, although we can accept from other regions as well. 

Benefits of Going Private for your Child’s Braces?

The NHS has extremely long waiting lists and difficult criteria and your child may need to wait several years before getting seen on the NHS. With this long wait, Your Child’s teeth and crowding will continue to deteriorate and they may not get the ideal results.

So come and see us and get your child’s Orthodontic treatment started at the ideal time:

-    Fast Treatment with no Waiting List - Get the Best Treatment at the Best Time
-    Lots of Options - We can offer Invisalign and Ceramic Braces Rather than the traditional Metal Braces
-    Get Early Treatment - This will keep the teeth healthier for longer and deliver the best results.
-    Excellent Appointment Times - We can offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments to suit your schedule
-    Brilliant Aftercare - We can offer an excellent aftercare service that many NHS providers cannot offer
-    Treat a Wide Range of Issues - We can provide a high level of treatment that resolves many Orthodontic and Crowding Issues


We can Offer Different Types of Brace Treatment for Children:


Lingual Braces

|  Hidden & Effective  |

Hidden behind the teeth, lingual braces are fully hidden from view as you smile. This enables us to move the teeth with complete accuracy whilst nobody realises that braces are being worn.


Ceramic Braces

|  For More Complex Cases  |

These are fitted to the front of the teeth but clear and tooth coloured brackets and wires are used. These may be required for more complex cases but are still much, much more discreet than NHS metal braces.


Clear Aligners

|  Invisible & Removable  |

Not only are Invisalign aligners almost invisible to the naked eye, they're also fully removable. This means your child can continue to eat their favourite foods or even remove the aligners for special occasions.

How does it work?

Best in class dental care and patient wellbeing 

We recognise that it is not enough to be able to perform dental procedures but to understand the needs and well-being of the patient. We believe children need positive development to succeed in life, and orthodontic treatment can do that. We also understand they might have concerns that we can address. Our trained specialists will go carefully go through the procedure involved, what the child needs to do to maintain the braces and how they can have a successful outcome.


Please give us a call on 01785 242583  to arrange an Orthodontic Consultation for your Child. If you have an emergency, you can get in touch with us at 07910 394043 (24/7)