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Evening and Weekend Appointments Available
Full Range of Dental Care Available
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Open 7 Days a Week and 365 Days a Year with a 24/7 Dental Service

  • Same Day Emergency Dental Appointments Available

  • Emergency Helpline: 01785 252514 (Answered 24/7)

  • Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

  • Full Range of Dental Care Provided

  • Master's Qualified Orthodontists and Stafford's Biggest Provider of Teethstraightening

  • Staffordshire's Highest Rated Dental Practice

  • Stafford's Best Value Dentist- Check Ups and Emergency Appointments only £36!

Advanced Facial Aesthetics


Areas –

  1. Forehead; treated for horizontal lines which form when eyebrows are raised or even at rest across the forehead. This smoothes out the forehead and makes skin appear tighter and without the wrinkles/lines
  2. Glabella; also known as the “number 11s”, the lines formed in between the eyebrows when frowning or when at rest. This smoothes out the area between the eyebrows and also helps in reducing the collecting of makeup in these lines.
  3. Crows feet; the area on the side of the eyes where wrinkles form on smiling or when at rest. The result is a more refreshed appearance of the eyes and a less tired appearance.
  4. Chemical brow lift; giving a lift to eyebrows to open up the eye area as well as giving them more of an arch. Also can be done to ensure a bit of symmetry between the left and the right side.
  5. Under eye creases; wrinkles which form under the eye area when in movement or at rest. Treatment of this area gives a smooth appearance of the under eye skin
  6. Bunny lines; the lines which form at the top of the nose on the left and right side when puckering the face. These lines usually become more prominent when the upper face is treated with toxin as the muscles become stronger due to them compensating for most facial movements when the forehead area is relaxed. Treatment ensures smoothness of the upper nose preventing any bunching up of the nose muscles
  7. Gummy smile; when the gums show on smiling and laughing. This can be treated so that when smiling/laughing the gums are not displayed and only the teeth are a part of your smile
  8. Nasal flare; when the nostrils flare when talking or laughing. Treating this area prevents the movement of nostrils when talking/laughing and keeps them stationary
  9. Nasal tip lift; The tip of the nose droops down when there is movement of the mouth on talking/laughing or eating. Treating this area allows the tip of the nose to remain stationary when the lips move.
  10. Perioral (smokers lines); the lines formed around the mouth, can be seen also in movement when pouting. Treating these lines allows the smooth appearance of the area where these wrinkles/lines appear when talking pouting or even at rest
  11. Lip flip; treating the upper lip for when smiling, it disappears and becomes really thin, the lip flip will ensure that when smiling the lip stays plump and is on full display
  12. DAO (downturned lip angles); treating a strong muscle which causes the angles of the mouth to downturn when talking or even at rest. Usually used in combination with the chin for maximum results. This allows the lift of the lip angles to ensure that they remain upwards.
  13. Chin; used in combination with DAO - treating the dimpled appearance of the chin.  This results in smoothness of the chin as well as relaxing the strong muscles which can cause the angles of the mouth to be pulled down.
  14. Masseter; for patients who suffer with teeth grinding and headaches as well as cosmetically for jawline slimming. The result is a reduced thickness of the muscles responsible for teeth grinding, prevents the grinding of teeth and therefore damaging teeth and prevention of headaches associated to this
  15. Nefertiti neck lift/platysmal bands; the bands formed around the neck when talking or movement of the face/neck, patients with strong muscles can see pulling of the neck going up towards the jawline. Treatments result in a smooth neck and the disappearance of the bands which are formed.
  16. Axillary hyperhidrosis; excessive armpit sweating. This treatment decreases the amount of sweat produced resulting in dryer underarms. Beneficial for patients who sweat a lot even in cold weather, cannot wear certain colours or items of clothing due to the excessive sweat produced and cannot even control the sweating with antiperspirants.


Before and After Lip Filler to Add Shape, Volume and Symmetry to the Lips


Before and After Tear Trough Filler to Conceal Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags


Jaw Filler to Add Shape and Definition to the Jaw Line


More Tear Trough Filler as it Works Extremely Well at
Concealing Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles


Botox and Lip Filler to Add Volume to the Lips and Reduce a Gummy Smile


Botox to Remove Wrinkles from the Face and give a more Youthful Appearance

Dermal filler: with appropriate use of dermal filler all of the effects of ageing due to volume loss are improved or corrected without the need for invasive surgery

  1. Temples; starting from a young age of 20s we start to lose volume in our temples. This results in a much narrower forehead and you lose the youthful convex curve, this in addition also causes the eyebrows to droop into the hollows as the structural support is lost. This gives the face a sunken/gaunt appearance. Treatment of the temples restores volume loss and restores fullness of the upper face, giving a smooth transition from the forehead down to the eye. This gives support to the eyebrows giving it a softer lifted appearance as well as supporting the cheeks.
  2. Cheeks; cheeks can be enhanced for beautification or for structural rejuvenation due to volume loss as we age. There is a different approach to males and females when treating this area. As we age the bone of our maxilla which supports our cheeks undergoes resorption (bone loss),this has an impact on the overlying structures such as the muscles and the fat that sit on the bone. As the structural support is lost and due to gravity we have downward movement of the overlying structures; this also forms the deep groove from our nose to mouth and you have exaggeration of the nasolabial fold. Restoring the cheeks gives fullness to the area again and also provides support for the muscles and fat that sit on top.
  3. Piriform fossa and nasolabial fold; the nose to mouth lines. This area deepens as we age due to the maxilla bone loss, widening of the piriform fossa (bone loss around the nose) and loss of volume in the middle cheek fat. Restoring this area will give fullness and prevent the signs of ageing.
  4. Chin; this area can be treated to camouflage a skeletal issue where the chin is further back compared to the face, to make a rounded chin more square in males, elongate a shorter chin, to mask a double chin as well as define the chin. This works well in combination with jaw filler as it defines the whole area of the lower face and gives it a smooth transition. As we age the mandible undergoes bone loss, the chin becomes shorter and more anterior, the jawline begins to sag and the muscle in our chin becomes more active and this causes the chin to rotate forwards and as a result deepens the horizontal groove and gives the chin a more dimpled appearance.
  5. Jawline; the jawline can be treated to give it more definition as well as treat the signs of ageing to prevent the appearance of sagging. Due to ageing we have loss of the lower jaw height, the jaw angle becomes more obtuse, jowl fat starts to droop down and the pre-jowl fat decreases, giving it a less smooth transition.
  6. Lips; youthful lips are full and well defined. Lips can be treated for beautification purposes or to treat the ageing process. With ageing there is a loss of elasticity and subcutaneous fat as well as thinning of the skin which all contribute the the ageing appearance of the lips; we have thinning of the lips, the lower lip turns inward at the sides and the corners of the mouth turn downwards, constant contraction of the lips leads to the development of the perioral wrinkles. When we have tooth loss, we have bone loss in the area and as a result our lips start to sink inwards due to the loss of support.
  7. Perioral/fine lines; this area is treated to rehydrate the area around the lips to diminish the fine lines giving a smooth transition to the lips.
  8. Tear trough; a popular treatment which restores a tired and ageing appearance under the eyes. As we age we have loss of fat in the undereye area which reveals the bony anatomy below. This starts as early as the 30s. The tone and texture changes and all of this results in a sunken and sullen appearance. This treatment works well with treatment of the midface cheek area to give it a smooth transition as well as the cheek filler being able to support the tear trough filler in a better manner.


Skin boosters; injectable moisturisers; the “6-month facial”; used for skin hydration rather than volumisation which improve skin appearance and texture.

What they do-

● Improve skin quality; skin surface is smoother

● Improve skin hydration

● Improve elasticity

● Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced

● Skin is more luminous

PRP; platelet rich plasma

Treatment for ageing hair loss to increase and thicken hair follicles as well as rejuvenation of the skin. As we age our youth cells decrease in number and become less effective. To turn this process around, blood is drawn from the arm and spun in a machine which separates the good cells containing our growth factors which we have plenty of when we are young. The good cells are extracted and reinjected into the scalp or the skin of the face/neck to introduce them back, so they can be more effective in replenishing these areas. A total of a minimum 3 to 6 treatments a month apart are required and then a maintenance treatment once every 6 months.

Skin care

ZO by Obagi - a medical grade skin care system which can be a part of your daily skincare regime or to tackle certain skin problems such as;

- Acne

- Redness

- Anti-aging

- Brightening

Sensitised skin

A personalised at home skin programme will be tailored to your skin type. All products are medical grade and have been scientifically proven to correct any skin abnormalities.

In-office professional treatments

Different chemical peels can be prescribed and conducted for skin resurfacing, whether it's for a special event or a gradual chemical peel treatment with a few sessions.

- Stimulator red carpet peel

- Invisapeel resurfacing

- ZO 3-step peel